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Happy 2nd birthday Pog!

It's been exactly 2 years since Pog was 'unleashed' for walkies on Youtube. Since then he has been seen and fussed by over 40,000 viewers worldwide. The good news, if you liked Pog, is that he's going to be making a return soon! He's now on the road to full recovery after rehab from eating disorders (he went on a see-food diet) caused from coping with his new found fame. He is planning to make an appearance again within the next few months!

Pog was Nepenthes Sloth's first venture in claymation and set to some original, but old, music from a band Steve, of Nepenthes Sloth, was in many years ago. The Nepenthes Sloth banner was created purely as a working title for that one video. Another Pog video was very near completion later that year (2019) but was set to the words of a song by a famous rock band. Official permission was sought to use their recording, after a change in EU ruling on copyright happened halfway through the lenghty video making process, but after much emailing and waiting ...and waiting reply ever came. The project was thus put on hold after Pog went into depression over it, and his eating disorder meant he started piling on the plasticine! Nepenthes Sloth then focused on an involved claymation video for old band Littermouth (set to their cover of Paint it black - link click here) and also in that year Nepenthes Sloth discovered fractals, which then became the focus of video footage for original music being composed and recorded. It then took the latter half of 2020 to get to grips with fractals and at the beginning of the this year, 2021, the Nepenthes Sloth banner was revamped as a working project with the first release, Aridcabadra - link here.

As this is being typed, there is a new Nepenthes Sloth music video very near completion, involving fusing fractals and claymation and, after that, 2 more music videos are sat in the 'to be filmed' queue. After they are done then a new Pog video is planned. With a fair wind (but let's not talk about Pog's wind though, which isn't fair at all) it is hoped the next Pog video could be released in May or June - fingers (and claws) crossed!

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