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Mandelbulber difs_grid_v3_challenge Image and settings

This image is called 'GridV3-Repsych-Hub'

It is an entry into a Mandelbulber facebook page challenge to explore a new type of fractal shape named T>DIFS Grid V3 in latest version 2.25 - click here to see challenge entries

Nepenthes Sloth follows the wonderful Mandelbulber facebook page and is also proud to be a patron to the Mandelbulber software developers. Mandelbulber is the software I create my fractal images with. Every week the Mandelbulber facebook page admin create a 'challenge'. There is a very friendly competitive edge in that the winner is the person with the most facebook reactions however, in truth, the idea is not so much a competition but an incentive to try out various features in the Mandelbulber software one might not otherwise explore and to also see what can be done with it by seeing lots of other excellent and creative entries. The sharing knowledge idea is key and in submitting an entry applicants must also attach the settings.

Facebook restricts comment sizes and the settings couldn't be added, so I'm deciding to post them on here so they might be able to be shared to a wider audience and maybe help promote Mandelbulber (and this site of course!).

Ifyou haven't already the Mandelbulber facebook page (link here) is an excellent page to follow if you like fractal images or want to learn how to create them. Mandelbulber stands way above the rest, in my opinion, as it is being constantly devleoped and it renders on GPU (graphics cards) which is so much quicker than other software that renders on CPU (and locks up your PC while doing it!)

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I use Mandelbulber to create my 360 fractal images - click here

mandelbulber is also the software I use to create my videos on youtube - click here

Image 2Mandelbulber settings (the people and the flying vehicles have been created on other software - also don't include the # items at bottom of page):

# Mandelbulber settings file

# version 2.25

# only modified parameters


ambient_occlusion_enabled true;

ambient_occlusion_mode 1;

ambient_occlusion_quality 2;

boolean_operator_1 2;

boolean_operators true;

camera -0.521642371956787 -6.06088726481133 7.27487062396842;

camera_distance_to_target 7.17732966652295;

camera_rotation 0.0315917774957561 -43.1325641942533 -2.95229773785771;

camera_top -0.0518809820955793 0.68275273254445 0.728805234544789;

DE_factor 0.5;

DE_thresh 0.0025;

detail_level 2;

DOF_enabled true;

DOF_focus 8;

DOF_monte_carlo true;

DOF_samples 50;

env_mapping_enable true;

fake_lights_max_iter 1;

fake_lights_min_iter 2;

fake_lights_orbit_trap -2 0 0;

fake_lights_orbit_trap_shape square;

fake_lights_orbit_trap_size 2;

fake_lights_visibility 8;

file_background C:\Users\inzad\mandelbulber\textures\transparent.png;

flight_last_to_render 0;

formula_1 1620;

formula_2 86;

formula_material_id_1 2;

formula_material_id_2 6;

formula_position_2 0 0 0.8;

formula_rotation_2 0 0 76.91;

formula_scale_2 4;

fractal_constant_factor_2 0.03125 0.03125 0.25;

glow_color_1 bb00 ff00 ff00;

glow_intensity 0.8;

image_height 1080;

image_proportion 4;

image_width 1920;

keyframe_last_to_render 0;

light1_is_defined true;

light1_position 0 0 3;

light1_rotation 90 0 0;

light2_color e000 e800 e700;

light2_enabled true;

light2_intensity 5.2;

light2_is_defined true;

light2_position 2 6 20;

light3_color 0400 1c00 f500;

light3_enabled true;

light3_intensity 0.5;

light3_is_defined true;

light3_position 0 0 3;

light3_visibility 0;

mat1_is_defined true;

mat2_fresnel_reflectance true;

mat2_is_defined true;

mat2_reflectance 1;

mat2_reflections_color 1a00 4f00 ff00;

mat2_specular_metallic 8;

mat2_surface_color 7f00 8d00 be00;

mat2_transparency_index_of_refraction 5;

mat2_use_colors_from_palette false;

mat3_fresnel_reflectance true;

mat3_is_defined true;

mat3_name red glass;

mat3_reflectance 1;

mat3_reflectance_gradient_enable true;

mat3_specular 15;

mat3_specular_color ff00 ff00 ff00;

mat3_specular_metallic_roughness 0.05;

mat3_specular_width 0.081;

mat3_surface_color ff00 ff00 ff00;

mat3_surface_color_gradient 0 f3fdf6;

mat3_transparency_color 0500 1500 ff00;

mat3_transparency_interior_color ff00 0000 0000;

mat3_transparency_of_interior 0.974355347784668;

mat3_transparency_of_surface 1;

mat6_fresnel_reflectance true;

mat6_is_defined true;

mat6_name metal;

mat6_reflectance 1;

mat6_specular_metallic 8;

mat6_specular_metallic_roughness 0.4;

mat6_surface_color 7d00 7d00 7d00;

mat6_transparency_index_of_refraction 7;

mat6_use_colors_from_palette false;

N 1;

primitive_cylinder_1_empty true;

primitive_cylinder_1_enabled true;

primitive_cylinder_1_height 5.5;

primitive_cylinder_1_material_id 3;

primitive_cylinder_1_radius 2;

primitive_sphere_1_empty true;

primitive_sphere_1_enabled true;

primitive_sphere_1_material_id 3;

primitive_sphere_1_position 0 0 2.5;

primitive_sphere_1_radius 1.5;

primitive_torus_1_empty true;

primitive_torus_1_enabled true;

primitive_torus_1_material_id 3;

primitive_torus_1_position 0 0 2.5;

primitive_torus_1_radius 5;

primitive_torus_1_tube_radius 0.4;

raytraced_reflections true;

target -0.524530407810578 -0.823060784239052 2.36781177363707;

textured_background true;

view_distance_max 91.1717581619881;

volumetric_fog_colour_1_distance 0.115679385667111;

volumetric_fog_colour_2_distance 0.231358771334223;

volumetric_fog_density 0.0625;

volumetric_fog_distance_factor 0.231358771334223;


fold_color_difs_0000 6 0 0 0;

transf_function_enabled_false true;

transf_function_enabledB_false true;

transf_function_enabledBx false;

transf_function_enabledC_false true;

transf_function_enabledCx_false true;

transf_function_enabledD_false true;

transf_function_enabledI_false true;

transf_function_enabledJ_false true;

transf_function_enabledO_false true;

transf_function_enabledR_false true;

transf_function_enabledSw_false true;

transf_function_enabledT_false true;

transf_int8_Y 4;

transf_offset_0 -0.1;

transf_offset_2 1;

transf_offset_4 10;

transf_offsetA_0 0.1825;

transf_offsetA_000 0.003051 38.4 0.2;

transf_offsetA_2 1;

transf_offsetB_0 0.0125;

transf_offsetE_0 0.5;

transf_offsetF_0 -0.06;

transf_scale3D_000 0.2 0 0;

transf_scale3D_111 0.2 1 46.4;

transf_start_iterations_N 5;

transf_start_iterations_O 1;


transf_minimum_radius_05 1;

transf_pwr_8 16;


transf_addition_constant_0000 0 0 -0.2 0;

transf_scale 0.25;






...don't copy these items with setting. This is just for search engines

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