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Best 3D fractal playlist

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

#fractalartist #fractalart #fractal #sciencefiction #Mandelbulb #mandelbulber #3dfractalI'm mad keen on 3d fractal videos and there are lots of them on youtube, of varying degrees of beauty. The Nepenthes Sloth has now created a YouTube playlist of my favourite ones, which I hope you can enjoy. It will be constantly added to over time.

These are videos that have made me go wow! and/or have been a huge influence and inspiration for me starting up on my fractal animation journey. There are a few fractal artists I really enjoy and tbh I could probably post several dozen of their videos on the playlist but I'll try and keep it to a more concise select few/best of for this playlist, but, if you like a video then I recommend you explore the artist further by discovering their other work on their YouTube channels.


The Best of 3D Fractal playlist click here

3D Fractal Music Videos click here

Trippy Music Videos click here

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