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COREST-QUEST - what to try and find in the 360 degree fractal journey in the Corest Video

The Nepenthes Sloth youtube video 'Corest' (click here to view) is an amazing voyage into a previously unseen forest underworld. You are taken on a trip around the core (Corest) and you can simply enjoy this beautiful, yet dark, new world. However you are not alone! Watching you all the way will be fairies or a Goblin, They can see you but can you see them? You will have to look around and be quick because they are secret and shy. Also there a 4 stray Golden Orbs and a Silver Cube box. These should be easier to find than the characters.

See also if you can find 'Skull Island' and the Whriligig? What does Skull Island look like? ...a skull of course, but if you want a more accurate picture then click here and see a 360 image from the Nepenthes Sloth facebook page You may need to pan around a bit but it should be obvious!

But where are the fairies? The image above has what all of them look like and they will be secretly flying about. As to exactly where they are, we can not say but we did find an old forest riddle that made help:

"To explore the realm of the Corest deep

below the Goblin guard you must creep

where lie four Orbs of gold and a silver cast

and the fairies seven that fly from your past"

If you have enjoyed this quest please like & share the video, like the facebook page, subscribe to the youtube channel and post a comment, even if just to say you have found them. If you are really stuck email and I'll guide you better!

If you need help understanding 360 degree videos or how to best view them, click here for the Nepenthes Sloth blog explaining all your 360 degree viewing options

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