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CORESTWO - THE GATHERING: So, what's all that about?

Welcome to Corestwo, the second VR\360 journey around the unique landscape of Corest – the forest core. This second journey is longer and gets you much closer to the inhabitants – the Fairlettes, Faes, Elvens, Icklepeeps, Gorflings, Goblets and the Highqueues (the only humans allowed here) as well as some of the creatures and strange vegetation.

Corest is a region of a fragmented planet in a solar system far far away in time and space. It’s a highly forested planet and Corest is at the heart of it, the largest fragmentation and with the largest forest. Since the great fragmentation in a past time life here has evolved in a very different way to that on other planet moons circulating the great planet. They have lived in isolation and protected it against invasion or persuasive take over from the peoples of the other colonised moons. There is a story to be told and will be if there is demand and this video is popular.

So what is happening in the video? You have been granted clearance to travel through the fairlette realm of Corest and at a time when The gathering has been called. There are strange activities occurring on the Corest border and all the dwellers in Corest have been called to send a delegation meet up. It’s still a peaceful time so it’s a fairly relaxed affair but there is still concern and you’ll see that security is at a high level.

Here's a breakdown of the video, with some 'flat' image grabs from the VR/360 degree video

You enter in following a flutterspy. They may be little and delicate but the flutterspies are the advanced eyes for the Corest residents and can give them early warnings of troubles.

Then you meet a Fae (you had to look to your left on the video to see her). They are very curious creatures, especially when a strange alien human like you visits! Humans don't have the best of reputations here so she and the other may be a little guarded.

You then fly through the giant valleys, past a floating Gorf farms. There are forms of rock that float in Corest, the next video will maybe be a short film and explain all the origins and science. This are used by the Gorfling, excellent farmers, to raise their specialist harvest of edibles

You get studied by another Faes. Faes are the smaller but ‘true’ fairies of Corest, more skittish and less responsible than the Fairlettes, but good folk if somewhat daydreaming and would do no harm to others but don’t depend on them to do tasks for you!

You then enter the realm of the Fairlettes. Fairlettes have wings but aren’t pure fairies, and sort of elf/fairy hybrid. The wings were crafted in a past time, to take advantage of the floating compound of Corest, and their backs and shoulders have evolved over many millennia with the wings. Faes don’t see them as true fairies, and they coined the term ‘fairlettes’ but don’t mind them either, especially as they have been protected by them from invaders . Fairlettes are much more dependable and organised than the Faes, that the Elf gene coning through, and the men Fairlettes and many of the women, made fearsome warriors and form the winged guards.

The ability to easily fly around Corest has caused many evolutionary oddities but the Dragon is probably the most spectacular. Faes have always had a close bond with them and have always saddled them up to ride on them and this is their contribution to the defences of Corest.

The Gathering is at a secret location but as we have permission to visit two Fairlettes guide us to the archway.

Then winged guards take us through the cave system

Then we arrive at The Gathering. On one side we have the contingents for across the land. The Elvens, Icklepeeps, Goblets and Gorflings. The Elves are evolved woodland folk and have always lived in the plenty forests of Corest, and their region of the forest has the most spectacular of the giant trees. There are a very serious species but honest and dependable. They are Faes are like chalk and cheese but they still cohabit without issues. The Icklpeeps have evolved from humans and descendants from the only humans to survive or not flee Corest after the great fragmentation. The radiation changes from this caused them to grow less and affected a number of their physical attributes, especially the eyes and ears, both far more sensitive than normal humans. As they have been detached from humans for so long and evolved in their own distinctive way ever since, they are no long thought of as humans and are known as the icklpeeps. Goblets are much the same to Goblins as Icklepeeps are to humans and for just the same reasons. They are very friendly folk though unlike their ancestors who, like humans’ have colonised most of the rest of the other moons. Gorflings are again another evolutionary quirk of the great fragmentation, and have evolved from more izard type beings into a species that can talk and work with the others. They aren’t always the brightest folk but hardworking and renowned for their food farming skills

The fairlettes are here in force and to welcome the other guess and look after and protect them.

Here is The Round. Basic and simple. This is where the head representatives of the people meet. Here we see not only Elvens, Icklepeeps, Gorflings and Goblets but also two Highqueues. Humans would call them wizards. These are the only humans that have been allowed in the Corest, there are a small number of them living in isolated farms on the far reaches of the Corest.. They are intelligent people and well versed in the ways of natural science. They came to Corest to escape the dark expansion of the Humans and Goblins ‘civilisation’ and ‘progress’ elsewhere. They also occasionally go off moon to learn what else is happening in the world of humans and others, so they are of great use to the other folk of Corest who either dare not or cannot leave their planet moon.

As we leave we are treated to a closer look of a Fae mounted Dragon

We also get to see the Squigglets. They aren’t much for talking at meetings, or anywhere to be fair, so don’t attend The Gathering and live life at their own slow pace and do no harm to anyone.

Faes are able to work with and ride the Dragons as they look after and train them from an early age. You train you own Dragon(s) that you can later bond with and fly.

As we leave we get surrounded by a flock of Flutterspies and their beautiful relations the Wisps.

If you have enjoyed this and would like more videos, and hopefully a short film story based on this, then please let me know on youtube or my facebook page. It takes a lot of work doing this and it’s wonderful to know if people have enjoyed it and would like more. All I do is free to watch and enjoy, all I ask is that you take a second to like the youtube video and sub my channel and also follow my facebook and/or Instagram page

Many thanks!

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