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DEPENDGENE ...So what's all that about then?

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Dependgene (click here to see video) is a short story reflecting life, the journey of life, the ultimate reason for life & death; evolution and the sad fact that life is born with the need of death to come with it. The species will only evolve if the old makes way for the new and the new is only born from the survival of fittest; it’s all about the gene, dependent of the gene being passed on – 'depend gene'.

However, there could be many other ways you may like to read the video, which also came across making it. The innocence of the early years, the happy go-lucky joy of the young adulthood, the tying down in the later years with responsibilities and then the horrors of death to then look forward to! …happy stuff eh?

…or, on a lighter note - maybe just that we all had fun in our youth to have all the life sucked out of us by having children! I would be very happy of any other view points ...just keep away from mentions of Freud!

So as a brief summary, it breaks down into the ages of life:

The first scene is the supernova from which the baby is born. This is to reflect we have all come from ‘stardust’ from past supernova explosions and we are all just the beautiful re-arranging of these atoms.

The baby flies above the clouds, a happy warm fluffy world, screened from the complicated world below

Through the clouds the baby turns to a toddler who of course has to impulsively splash into the water!

In the water the character becomes an inquisitive young boy, enjoying the beauty of life, the simple pleasures with no responsibilities to tie him down, but he is blissfully unaware he is being led down very well disguised predetermined pathways

The young boy turns to adolescence and is reflected with darker mysterious caves as now he is much more aware of the confines placed around him, confines he wants to break free from and he swims ever faster towards the light at the end of the long tunnels of schooling, control and conditioning.

At the tunnel’s end, young adulthood appears. The world now seems a wonderful place and out of the confines of the tunnel a young man is finally free. He finds beauty, wonders and temptations and represented by the 7 fractal jellyfish; the 7 deadly sins? Well religion have made people believe they are all sinful, maybe much of it is just natural desires or curiosity that we are made to feel guilty and ashamed of?

Having experienced the 7 deadly sins, the grip of age, responsibilities and guilt pull the grown, now bearded, man down into a darker place.

In this dark place the life is pulled from him. He tries to escape but it is all futile, no one can and the now grey-haired old man’s body is taken (that scene brought tears to my eyes - more to do with where the vines of death were tightly clutching him if I'm honest but, hey, had to make sure youtube didn't ban it or make it 'adult only'!.

But he hasn’t completely been taken because his genes will live on and against all the odds fights its way through (survival of the fittest) via the delivery of the sperm.

There is also a brief tribute to Charles Darwin at this point, just before the head leaves the body.

The genes delivered, the baby is born …so back to the exact same beginning for the whole same cycle to start all over again for a new person, holding a copy of the old. The supernova explosion again also represents we, the molecules that have made up our bodies and minds, will all return to stardust once again at some distant future point, but from that another world new life may form and evolution will start all over again; another cycle of life (but on a much larger time scale) from out very own atoms!

The gene delivery is the ‘deep engine’ of the cycle of life – Deep-engine. The deep dive to deliver the end gene ‘deep end gene’. We depend on the gene - Dependgene.

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