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Filming finished for new video 'Dependgene'

After about 3-4 solid weeks, locked away, hermit-like, filming at a table, the claymation content of the for new video, 'Dependgene', has finally been completed! There were about 2000 frames of unique claymation images, which each separately needed loading up, editing/masking, chroma keying and setting up/placing on the film at about 8000 frame locations. I thought it would never end at one stage! This sits on/with nearly 20,000 frames of 3d fractal images, which creates the world & journey for the claymation character, in what I hope will be seen as a short film, more than just a new music video. The music (unique and composed especially for this video) needs a couple of minor additions and the film needs a few overall setting-up tweaks, rendering and checks, but release should be within a week. It's been much slower than I wanted but it's turned out to be a big project. Just rendering the film, after it has been set up, takes about 3 days! (it's done in sections). To upload to and process on youtube will take over 24 hours (it's a 4k video at nearly 7 mins long).

While I'd like to post some of the claymation images set inside the fractal world, as I think this is one of the first cases where this has been done in terms of otherworldly 3d fractals, I'm going to restrain myself. I feel anything posted would give away the plot to some small degree and I want the journey to all be a unique surprise for the viewer, with no hints of where it might be going. As Blackadder would say 'the plot is as twisty and turny as a twisty-turny thing'! That said, the image shown is how it all starts.

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Mar 22, 2021

Very excited to see it!

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