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MAY 2021 Upcoming Video release updates

2 new videos are currently under production.

The first one to be released is a predominantly cgi created video which is well into production. The music is a self-penned acoustic guitar track and the video is more of a story than other ones so far. It's hope it will be release before the end of June.

The release after that is another fractal journey, a bit like the Aridcadbra video released back in January. The music is of a similar ilk too, hi-energy riffs, roughly in the style of Hawkwind with hints of Deep Purple about it. the image shown is one of the fractal world it is hope to be travelled in this video.

Looking forward to releasing both.

There are plenty more videos planned, storyboards created, and music ideas already developed to record, it just takes times doing it all. I also have much bigger plans ahead for 2022 ...but I'll wait a while before I give details!

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