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Nepenthes Sloth's fractal images used in new Koan music video

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

After the release of Aridcadabra Nepenthes Sloth was asked by Canadian cinematographer 'Krisolace' if some of the imagery from the video could be used in a new video he was making for top Russian ambient chillout act KOAN and their track Going to Shining Svarga - click here to see video. I was happy to agree, although a bit strange seeing my imagery to some other music, but happy to say it works and fits well; it was nicely edited!

What I like about it is the fusing of real images with fractals, and the real images are from some stunning drone footage. One of the driving forces for my love of fractals is that we are discovering they are everywhere, they explain the fabric and shape of life and the universe. The fractal shape we see on computer generate models, basically derives from the level of stability (or not) of a very basic style of formula. The complexities of these shapes show what an incredibly fine line it can be between stability or failure, which explains chaos theory, which in turn, I feel, helps explain so many things like the evolution of us, life and pretty much anything that exists

For Krisolace other videos - click here

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