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Nepenthes Sloth music used in US Sci-fi TV series

Award winning US film director James Scott has created a new science fiction TV series concept, aimed at getting interest from TV streaming networks, like Netflix etc. To do this one needs to self finance pilots for them to see and decide if it's worth financing to take forward into a full cast/pro studio production. James is a director and also a special effects expert, having our own BBC on his list of clients. He approached Nepenthes Sloth for use of the music on recent Aridcadabra video release, to have as the pilot theme music. Here is the first trailer using the music. It's all extremely exciting to be involved with! If you like it and want to follow the progress of the pilots, 3 to be produced in all, then give James a follow on his FB page (there's fan funding on the project webpage if you are really keen!). Links below:

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