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Work started on new music video

After short film/music video Dependgene (click here to watch) was released last week Nepenthes Sloth is now free to work on the next video. Not sure of the name yet but in the interest of inventing new weird words the title 'Gladiatarist' is currently being considered.

I'm thrilled about a whole new wonderful fractal world I've recently discovered that the video is going to be set inside; I like it a lot. There are 10 or 20 images I could show, all of which I think are magnificent, but I'll stick with the above as a starter. It looked very Art Deco to my eyes and an era when the smoke filled skies of industrialism looked like the wonderful new utopian world ahead. My last fractal world was trying to be very organic in appearance, this new one is going to be very man-made ...or should I say alien-made!?

The new video already has the music composed and fully recorded. This one is a no nonsense Led Zep style instrumental rocker, which I'm excited about releasing. Even more exciting is a whole new animation effect that is going to be used for this one this space. I'm hoping release will be before the end of April but I'm sure there will be plenty of updates on progress in the interim.

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